London House Prices Fall

The first year-on-year fall in house prices in London since 2009 has been reported for the third quarter of this year. The capital is the only area of the country where house prices have shown a fall. Has the bubble burst?

Guardian 29/9/17

National Meadows Day 1st July

A day worth celebrating in the countryside. Magnificent Meadows

Most sought after London boroughs.

A surprising list from City am 2 June '17

Rising 'screen time' is having an impact on Childrens Health.

The World Health Organisation highlights the problems such as lack of sleep and children missing out on opportunities to be physically active.

Independent 17 May '17 

See them before it's too late. 

Bluebell woods

Bluebells are out in woodlands all over the country.  See wildlife trust for ways to encourage them.

Met critisised in a recent report.

Dispite employing 25% of all the countries police force, the Metropolitain Police have been critisised in a report following release of figures that show London Knife and Gun crimes are up by significant margins.

The Guardian 12 April '17

Good news for Chiltern Railway's commuters.

Chiltern Railways are the fist to provide free wi-fi on all their routes from February 2017. A bonus for anyone traveling into London from Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire.

Check other rail networks here: National Rail: Wi-fi facilities

January frosts a delight for photographers

Frosty Kent

Beautiful sights like this scene where even a clump of dead nettles have beauty.

See: Country Life 24 Jan 17

Air pollution warning issued by Mayor 23/1/17.

The highest 'Black' alert recorded in parts of the city and advice is given even to the young and healthy.

See: Evening Standard 23 Jan 17

Brixton Road Nitrogen Dioxide UK objectives breached already.

The 2017 limit for Nitrogen Dioxide concentration has already been breached in Brixton SW9 just five days in to the new year. Findings by Kings College who run the London Air Quality Monitoring Network have prompted yet another round of disscussions and tweets about reducing the city's air pollution levels...

See: London Air 6 jan 17

Urban living linked to Dementia

News this week that scientists are linking an increased risk of dementia with living near busy roads and in an urban environment. This Guardian article looks at the report published in The Lancet.

See: The Guardian 5 Jan 17

Has the London property bubble burst?

Interesting reading in a BBC News article following the Nationwide Building Society report on house prices. If you have been worried about losing out on continuing property price increases is it now time to think again? Take advantage of the price differential between London and country in 2017. 

See: BBC News 2 Jan 17