A 'fever-pitch' scramble for country properties predicted as we emerge from Lockdown III.

"At the start of the coronavirus lockdown those with second homes in the countryside were quick to quit our cities looking for the space and greater freedom the countryside has to offer. It is likely that as restrictions lift the demand for rural boltholes will reach near fever-pitch with families, particularly those with younger children, looking to make the move from our cities to the countryside. The demand for large country houses is likely to be strong with prices rising due to limited supply, with even more modest country homes being highly desirable. Rural properties with paddocks or a field will be particularly desirable as they can attract a mixed-use stamp duty saving." Janet Armstrong-Fox, Partner and Head of Private Client Property at Collyer Bristow

There is much to consider in these difficult times but property pundits are talking about the post pandemic shape of the UK property market.

" in recent years, we have seen country living coming back into fashion. This is due to a readjustment of values and lifestyle trends – such as wellbeing and working from home – driving buyer choices. With annual growth of 3.0%, this was most noticeable in coastal hotspots of the South West and East Anglia. The hiatus caused by Covid-19 may accelerate these trends further as people review their lifestyles under lockdown."

"if you are keen to move, then look to the shires. In relative terms at least, if there is any wider shift to working from home more regularly, you’d expect country properties to outperform city ones, while towns and villages once deemed to be on the fringes of commuting range of London and other big cities might also see a benefit."

We would not be surprised if London's homebased workforce are finding their over intimate relationship with thier current home is giving them cause to re-consider priorities and look to the home counties and beyond.